Rubix Wheel w/ Mind's Eye May 25th @ Bernie's

Friday, May 25th from 9pm - 2am.

Bernie's is located on High St. accross from OSU campus.

Mind's Eye plays from 9pm - 11 then Rubix Wheel starts at 11pm.

Light show and great jamband/original music all night long.

Check us out at

Sinkane - 'Runnin'

I for one embrace funk-pop's emergence into the indie sphere. Wah wahs and slap bass for all.

Way Yes - 'Automail'

If you prefer your indie pop to be heavily tropical, Way Yes has got you covered with this catchy tune.

Deadwood Floats - 'Between Two Summers'

What better way to pass the Ohio summer than to start playing folk rock with some of your closest friends? That's how Deadwood Floats formed back in 2009, and since then they've put out a truly impressive debut EP. Here's my favorite track from Provence. It's delightfully sad, full of those bent shafts of light that stretch like lost fingers to mark the end of the warm season.

Future Trends - 'Darkness'

Andrew Clark's bedroom synthpop has a distinctly European slant despite being created in the middle of the states. I'm getting major French vibes here somehow.

Both Girls - 'Forming Words'

Slide guitars and electric rumbles weave together into a glorious pop-stomp of a track. Yes to this and to the rest of Both Girls's self-titled debut LP. Blips and bleeps and catchy, catchy melodies abound.

Mylets - 'Hubeli'

Combining elements of 16-bit electronica with old-school emo (back when that word wasn't quite so disparaging), Mylets occupy a fun new space on the subterranean map. Henry Kohen, the brains behind the project, calls what he does "loop rock". We'll take it. Off the project's debut EP Colossal Grin, here's "Hubeli".

8th Annual Halloween Bash at the Ravari Room

Since 2004, the Ravari Room in Clintonville has been home to one of the most anticipated Halloween events of the year.  Musicians from all corners of the local music scene channel the spirits of famous groups and performers, both dead and alive.  It is truly a musical and visual experience in both attitude and execution.  On Friday, October 28th, they take on The Cure, Cyndi Lauper, Smashing Pumpkins, The Pixies, and The Go-Go’s.

Ravari Room has hosted this popular event for the last seven years.  Costumes and prizes are in full effect and an official emcee and DJ keep the party going long past the witching hour.

Humor and surprises are fixtures at this event.   Each band takes the show far past just the songs and many construct elaborate props for their 20-30 minute set.  Past show’s included the likes of The Beastie Boys with both DJ and live band, The Zombies dressed as…Zombies, Roth-era Van Halen, complete with replicas of Eddie’s famous “Frankenstrat” guitar and Alex Van Halen’s gong.  KISS has also performed in full make-up including giant platform boots and “pyrotechnics.”  Previous years have seen such acts as Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, U2, ZZ Top, Dolly Parton, Ozzy Osbourne, Blondie, Green Day, Michael Jackson, Red Hot Chile Peppers, AC/DC, Johnny Cash, Billy Idol, and Prince.  To view videos and pictures from years past, go to


The doors open at 9:00 p.m., with live music starting promptly at 10:00 p.m. and going throughout the night.


Who’s going to win the “cute” prize, Cyndi Lauper or The Go-Go’s?  Who’s going to win the “sad” prize, The Cure or The Smashing Pumpkins?  Will the Pixies spread a little more of their Pixie dust, as always?  Come dressed for Halloween and find out.


Event Details:

8th Annual Halloween Event

October 28th, 2011

Ravari Room

2657 North High Street

(614) 263-4058

Monster Rally - Coral

Colorful, psychedelic sampler jams fill this here Monster Rally record. The mp3s are available for whatever you would like to pay for them. You can also purchase Coral on vinyl if you're so inclined. Stream the LP below.


Cloudkicker - "We're Goin' In. We're Going Down"

Columbus boasts some pretty fierce instrumental prog-metal. Here's Cloudkicker with "We're Goin' In. We're Going Down" off of their album Beacons.